Meet one of our many happy clients.

Benefits for your clients

  • Bank beating exchange rates
  • Direct market access through a dedicated broker / state of the art online platform
  • 24/7 function to handle your currency when you are required to
  • No hidden costs, fair and transparent margins
  • Surety that your funds are being transferred cost efficiently and at the highest level of security

Benefits for you

  • Ability to generate an additional revenue stream by earning commission on every trading referred customer
  • Peace of mind your customers are receiving added value when dealing abroad
  • Portal to track progress of referrals
  • Marketing Support
  • Exclusive partner events

Our Referral Process

Sign an agreement, meet your partnership manager and gain access to our tools.
You can use our tools to easily refer customers and monitor the progress of referrals.
We'll make sure we look after your clients with the exceptional customer service we've built our reputation on. We'll pay you a monthly commission for the referrals we receive.

About Us

Abounding Limited is a leading Money exchange broker with a global reach.
In partnership with The Currency Cloud combining a wealth of market knowledge and fintech solutions. Offering bank beating exchange rates, fast and secure currency transfers overseas.
Our company would be nothing without our customers. We believe in a fair and transparent relationship which encourages client retention and allows us to have customers in every industry, across the globe.  

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Customer Reviews

Prompt and professional. I wouldn't use any other company, as they always deliver the most competitive rates. Knowledgeable team, top service!
L. Sloan
What a refreshing change a company that gives you not just excellent exchange rates (by keeping you informed at all times), if that was not enough a lightning fast payment to your supplier that we have never encountered before, making a win win experience.
This company has been excellent with our currency purchases. They give good advice and very good service.
David Battle